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“Integration, or even the word “organic” itself, means that nothing is of value except as it is naturally related to the whole in the direction of some living purpose” – Franks Lloyd Wright

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succulent love



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Gilded Age

Apt book cover: the gilded age. by Carambula
Apt book cover: the gilded age., a photo by Carambula on Flickr.

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Tape art & hanger light

Trying to make do with what we have at work to decorate the meeting room. A chandelier light fixture made of up cycled recycled plastic hangers and an ikea floor lamp and black tape on the wall in a staircase optical illusion design.

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3D printed paper hand

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Super Bread Bowl

SF Niners


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Klover happy mix


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Portugal playing cards


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Vintage NASA Saturn button


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Fiddle leaf fig tree

Over the holidays I fell in love with my sister’s tree.

fiddle leaf fig tree

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Russian Cubist

Russian art and design for children’s books


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People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.


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Appearances Can Be Deceiving: The Dresses of Frida Kahlo

The exhibit, Appearances Can Be Deceiving: The Dresses of Frida Kahlo, a collaboration between the Frida Kahlo Museum and Vogue Mexico, brings to an end an elaborate 50 year scheme to keep private the intimate details of Kahlo’s life. It started when she died in 1954, as a distraught Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican muralist and Frida Kahlo’s husband, locked the doors to her closet and never let anyone enter for fear that the contents would be mishandled and ruined.

When he died in 1957 the task of protecting its contents went to a dear friend and patron, Dolores Olmedo, who promised him that the closet would remain unopened until 15 years after his death. She kept her word. In fact, she decided to keep the closet locked until her own death. And she lived a long life, passing away in 2002 at the age of 93.

via Frida Kahlo Fashion Exhibit Opens in Mexico City – ABC News.

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North Korean Cards

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Here’s Luck


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In pursuit of magic

Silver spray paint stencil tag

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Lucky Louis Vuitton windows

Gold four leaf clovers in a snowflake formation. The other window had silver wishbones in a snowflake formation. With visions of dancing LV handbags, belts, wallet and purses. Divine.





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Geodesic Gingerbread Dome House

gingerbread dome home

by  Scout Regalia. via Buckminster Fuller Institute

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