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The Dinner Party podcast

some highlights…..

Reyhan Harmanci, culture editor of San Francisco’s Bay Citizen, proves that even protestors have wish lists. And Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein reveals there’s a new lawman on the border beat… and he has a 7th-degree black belt in C-movies — excuse us — “aikido.”

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit has crisscrossed the globe in search of bold and baffling trends in design. His accessible films constitute a sort of “Design Trilogy”: Helvetica picks apart the ubiquitous font, Objectified examines product design, and now Urbanized (out next weekend) tackles city planning. This week Gary schools us on the latest in urban design, so you’ve got something to talk about with the next designer you dine with.

With the retro candy trend heating up, Rico heads to Istanbul, Turkey to taste the 18th-century confection known as Turkish Delight. Writer and food guide Megan Clark of Istanbul Eats points him to Altan Sekerleme, where four generations of Turks have been making the stuff since the 1800s. How’s that for old-school?

Episode 119: Antonio Banderas, Old-School Candy, and Music from a Non-belieber | The Dinner Party Download from American Public Media.

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New York Bike-Share Program

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“Snail Mail My Email” Handwritten Letters for Sloths

Email may be faster than the U.S. Postal Service, but it’s not quite as romantic. (Seduction involves patience, after all.) That explains why thousands of people have submitted correspondence to a month-long public art project called Snail Mail My Email. The project seeks to bring back appreciation for the art of letter writing by letting participants submit emails, which are then transcribed on paper, tucked into an envelope, and dropped in the mail. The project even pays for your postage, and they offer “one custom option” per letter, ranging from a doodle to a lipstick kiss.

“Snail Mail My Email” Marries the Romance of Analog with the Convenience of Digital – Media – GOOD.

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Betty Ford dancing on the Cabinet Room table

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Compactable Urban Bicycle by Victor Aleman

Compactable Urban Bycicle by Victor Aleman

via The Design Inspiration by The Design Inspiration on 4/6/11

Would you like a good looking bicycle that can be really small when it is not in use? Victor Aleman designed Compactable Urban Bicycle for us, in order to save space when it is being transported or it is not in use.

The Wheel is composed of six modules, each one has a double pivot in the joints, this allows the wheel to fold and become smaller, the spokes are contained in the inner structure of the wheel, when you unfold the system, the spokes rotate to the center of the mechanism where it attaches to the center of the wheel.

The double triangle structure is composed of expandable modules, each one collapses to a smaller dimension and then this modules aligns with the rotation of the axis in the joint of the structure. A special X aligns all the modules to their position

The Design Inspiration by The Design Inspiration on 4/6/11

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    the Economics of Happiness

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    The World Series, Dave Eggers Style – The Bay Citizen

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    Tactical Ice Cream Unit

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    AfriGadget » Football: Made in Africa

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    the Medium’s the Message said Marshall M.

    Attended a screening of Brett Gaylor’s documentary featuring dreamboat Greg Gillis (Girl Talk) highlighting the velocity of technology driven media in clash with corporate ownership and copyright laws. It’s inspiring for viewers/consumers to take more control in our level of participation with multi-media and sparks alot of conversation about how some antiquated notions of money making models can be harmful and some can be useful. For example, I really like the idea that the music industry’s business model of 1903 might be what we need instead of the business model of 1943.  Anyhow, go to the website to view, download, remix, learn more. Mashups yay!

    RIP: A Remix Manifesto.

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    Gifts that keep on giving.

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    Biennale New Orleans

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    McSweeney hearts Sudan

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    Colbert is an American Hero

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    laptop for every kid

    If tech luminary Nicholas Negroponte has his way, the pale light
    from rugged, hand-cranked $100 laptops will illuminate homes in
    villages and townships throughout the developing world, and give
    every child on the planet a computer of their own by 2010.

    The MIT Media Lab and Wired magazine founder stood shoulder to
    shoulder with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to unveil the
    first working prototype of the “$100 laptop” — currently more
    like $110 — at the U.N. World Summit on the Information Society
    here Wednesday. The Linux-based machine instantly became the hit
    of the show, and Thursday saw diplomats and dignitaries, reporters
    and TV cameras perpetually crowded around the booth of One Laptop
    Per Child — Negroponte’s nonprofit — craning for a glimpse of
    the toy-like tote.

    With its cheery green coloring and Tonka-tough shell, the laptop
    certainly looks cool. It boasts a 7-inch screen that swivels like
    a tablet PC, and an electricity-generating crank that provides 40
    minutes of power from a minute of grinding. Built-in Wi-Fi with mesh
    networking support, combined with a microphone, speaker and headset
    jack, even means the box can serve as a node in an ersatz VOIP phone


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