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Pink poodle sneaks


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Re-purposed Jeans Planters

An imaginative way to up-cycle, DIY old jeans into planter pots for your plants. Hilarious.


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Pritty and Jorgis

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Kim Jong Il Looking at Things


“one part humorous and three parts crazy”

Originally posted on LightBox:

We all look at things. Loved ones, traffic lights, television, the sky — you name it, we look at it. Along with reasoning, and the conscious use of tools, looking at things is an integral aspect of the human experience. In North Korea, this elemental, quotidian activity has been transformed, ingeniously, into a propaganda device for the country’s regime. The beauty of that transformation, meanwhile, is that one culture’s propaganda is another’s source of humor, and wonder.

Case in point: the popular, uncannily simple blog, “Kim Jong Il Looking at Things.” Launched in October 2010 by a Lisbon-based art director named João Rocha, KJILAT is nothing more and nothing less than what it purports to be: a series of photographs of the Dear Leader looking at things.

Jean Boîte Éditions

A selection of these compelling photos have now been published in a book by Jean Boîte Éditions: Kim Jong…

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Low rider last supper

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Get hammered & sickled

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Pet anxiety dream

Anne Emond comiques, Pet anxiety dream.

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Binders Full of Women – Melker remix

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Oh semi-Markov decision processes.

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Cat sits on bicycle

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suntanning coffin by luciano podcaminsky

Because I want a healthy glow when I’m dead.


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Dave and his Ducati


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Bottoms up


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Safety (+ funny) first! Electric scooters get a voice in Netherlands

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly but pedestrian hostile. Without engine noise, walking people don’t know to look for a motor vehicle. Domino’s Pizza chain in The Netherlands chose to protect the environment, but rather than ignoring the safety issues they added engine noise in the most unique way… with a human voice making engine noise. Don’t miss this one, it will have you rolling (pun intended).

via – Discovery News – Dominos Pizza Engine Noise: Gotta-See Videos .

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“I’m a raven.” – Suzy Bishop

ImageMoonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson

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Buckminster Fuller Blanket Fort

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The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer



My objective is the Truth with a capital T, mentally composed in Bodoni or, on the weekends, Garamond. I believe dishonest design is the scourge of humanity. What do I mean by that? Simply step outside. Fraudulence is everywhere. From the rat-tail curve encircling the “H” of the Hilton logo to the poorly kerned signage at your local bus depot, we live in a visually polluted environment. Graphic designers must keep our hoodies zipped tight along with our values. My aim is total unsparing honesty as it pertains to my craft. I will pull no punches and expect the same from you, should we have the benefit of working together in the future.

Read the entire piece here:
via McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer..

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Banksy Outdoors

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Robert Doisneau

via tumblr: ckck: Un chien à roulettes (A dog on wheels), circa 1977. Photograph by Robert Doisneau,

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Bloody peeps

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Jason Heuser

Via Laughing Squid – John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter.

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