The Brakes

Sadly, I’m the Venetian Village Idiot. In fact today I’m riding around wearing heels, listening to Phantogram in my headphones, down one way streets in the wrong direction, while it’s raining without a helmet.  Not the most sensible… but F.O.B.!!! (Fashion Over Brains)

The Village Idiot is too cute for rules. She’s pretty, and useless. She’s from Venice.

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If cyclists are Italian, pedestrians are French.

Which is worst: The Williamsburg Cyclist (male), The Williamsburg Cyclist (female), The Village Idiot,  The Businessman, The Chinese Deliveryman , Central Park Testa di Cazzo, The Mexican Deliveryman, The Noodge, The Bike Messenger, The Tourist.

**Skateboarders are Albanian.

The Breakdown – The Morning News.

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