Coco Chanel Clover Brooch

Important Jewelled Clover Brooch, Property of Coco Chanel



Coco Chanel’s personal brooch in the form of a four leaf clover of gilt chased bronze set with a central raised faux pearl. The pearl is surrounded by amythest,citrine,olivine and deep amber colored pastes. The clover leaf’s edges highlighted with clear pastes.

This brooch has been made by Goossens for Chanel in different colorways, always represented by semiprecious tones mixed with pearls and pastes.

Originally purchased at Christies London,1978, Sale of the Personal Collection of Chanel

Signed: CHANEL. Excellent Condition

2″ x 7/8″ high

Foto: Chanel crafting jewelry, 1957 image by Mark West, an outake from Life magazine.

via Coco Chanel – Important Jewelled Clover Brooch, Property of Coco Chanel.

4 thoughts on “Coco Chanel Clover Brooch

    1. Ok! I made a mistake that last comment was for the worms. I just love this stunning peice. I’ve never seen such a beautiful clover brooch.

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