In 1994, I met Adam Yauch on their Lollapalooza tour bus when Ricky Powell invited my sister and I to ‘hang out’ while we were loitering backstage. MCA was my favorite of the 3 after that experience. He spent a little time talking to us about Tibet. I was a teenager and over the moon.

“…no one really knows what I’m talking about, yeah that’s right my name’s Yauch!”

2 thoughts on “RIP MCA

  1. That must have been great fun! Getting back stage can be a grand adventure…especially when your’re a teenager! I got to see them when they were on (their first ever) stadium tour with Madonna back in the eighties. After the contert, they performed at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit and rocked the house!

    1. That sounds like an incredible show!! I’ve never even seen Madonna live. That must have been too much fun in one night. Back when You Gotta Fight For Your RIght to Paaaaarty….and Material girl. Wow.

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